Lash Perfect Individual Lash Extensions


Lash Perfect eyelash extensions are individual synthetic lashes applied directly onto your natural eyelashes using a specialised flexible adhesive. Each synthetic lash extension is gently bonded one by one onto each natural lash. When professionally and correctly applied, your Lash Perfect lightweight lash extensions will feel just like your own. They are perfect for daily wear or an active lifestyle, waterproof and durable. Beautiful and thicker lashes that can be worn for many months with regular 2-3 weekly infills or for a one off special occasion/holiday. Application is very gentle and safe and your eyes are protected and you will need to keep your eyes closed throughout the treatment. Normal eye make up can be worn but not mascara and eye makeup must be removed gently with a non oily remover and lash cleansing cloth. Lash Perfect lashes do not damage the natural lashes, with correct aftercare the natural lash should be unaffected.

FULL SET ( every single lash) £60 ( up to 2 hours)

HALF SET ( every other lash) £40 (up to 90 mins)

INFILL’S Recommended every 2-3 weeks

1/2 hour £18

3/4 hour £22

1 hour £28

Patch testing is required at least 48 hours prior to your 1st treatment.

Complimentary Lash removal is provided.