The IBX System is a revolutionary two part system that allows natural nails to grow readily on their own. It also provides a protective nail shield under gel polish.

IBX works inside the nail instead of sitting on top like traditional nails products. The application process is designed for ultimate penetration into the nail plate, strengthening the damaged nails building up length and durability from the INSIDE OUT. For Gel Polish clients it simultaneously toughens the natural nail and protects against frequent and potentially damaging removal.

Add on to manicure/pedicure or Gel Polish treatment.

First time Application 15 mins- £8

On going Applications 10 mins£6

Nails will be assessed to decide on the recommended frequency of the applications. IBX system is recommended after every gel polish removal for safer gel polish wear and better nail care and protection.

Eileen IBX before  Nails before any treatment.

Eileen ibx after 1st treatment Nails after 1st treatment of IBX.

Seals splits and peeling together allowing the nails to grow out.

Eileen IBX 2nd treatment Nails after 2nd treatment of IBX.

Nails strengthened, ridges, splitting and peeling disappeared after just 2 treatments. Healthy shiny nails and white spots reduced. (Client is not wearing any polish.)