Please be aware that certain health conditions may contra-indicate your treatment.  If you have any health conditions, have had a recent operation or are pregnant  please disclose this at the time of booking so  I can advise you accordingly. This will avoid any disappointment at your consultation if I cannot carry out your treatment.

(Full body treatments are for ladies only)

Please allow an extra 15mins Consultation for 1st treatment.


For the relief of stress and tension, increased circulation, improved physical and emotional wellbeing, massage is the pathway to total relaxation.

Fully body 1 Hour £45
Back, neck & shoulders 30 Mins £28


Essential oils are individually blended to suit your needs, using a pressure point massage to aid many common ailments such as stress related illness. Time is spent carefully selecting your oils depending for your treatment requirements and preparing a bespoke mix for you, any oil left over will be yours to take and use at home.

Full body 1 Hour £60
Back, neck & shoulders


30 Mins




Indian head massage is a non evasive massage that you remain fully clothed for, it covers the upper back, arms, neck, scalp and face. It is suitable for all ages and helps relieve stress, headaches, sinusitis and insomnia and promotes hair growth and healthy well being. Can be carried out with a nourishing oil for dry scalps.

Treatment time 30 Mins £30


An intense, unique treatment using hot stones which will create harmony and positive energy flow. Excellent for a deep tissue massage.

Full body 1 Hour £50
Back, neck & shoulders 30 Mins £30